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iMeta.Media created something really cool! A SMRTKey™ Contract utility custom to fit your marketing & promotion campaigns. SMRTKey™ can be used for promotional access, marketing incentives, gaming rewards, distribution of IP and monetized product value. They can be used in entertainment and sponsored promotional events for starters and more.
The "Smartest" Promotional Distribution Key "Turning Every Day Consumers into Lifelong Fans!"
The birth of a “smarter” promotion and distribution technology has arrived. The first “Direct-2-Fan” meta-engagement idea has finally given birth to a new way to promote, sell, distribute and engage consumers and turn them into lifelong fans! This revolutionary blockchain technology has earned its status as the most successful and savvy innovative promotional tool today's market has ever seen. Our newly released blockchain platform is leaving marketing directors, promotional entrepreneurs and media distributors asking “What just happened?” and “Why didn’t someone think of this earlier?”

The amazing promotional value and usability ease of our SmartKey Contract™  (SMRTKey™) is nothing short of stellar! iMeta.Media's SMRTKey™ is revolutionary and cutting-edge built on blockchain. It's brandable and scalable so that promoters and artists can “market direct” to their fan base, community members or consumers and interact in a result-driven, ongoing immersive relationship campaign. Profits in perpetuity are now possible for clients that are now able to cash-in on real-time sales leads, score demographics and use that data to gauge success. Our new SMRTKey Contract™ technology makes all this possible while running your latest promotional event, artwork, or service/product promotion directly to your audience/fans.

iMeta.Media's purpose is to help you strengthen your relationship with new consumers and existing fans by increasing your overall reach, retention and interaction thru smart, outside-the-box, fun-filled utility fan engagements. Recent trends in marketing studies show that today people want to be engaged personally, but they don’t feel comfortable being sold from "door-to-door online salesmen". Direct-2-Fan marketing allows potential and exisiting consumers to interact on the internet in a transparent trustless manner and feel comfortable. This has created an unprecedented insurgence in profits and exposure for artists and promoters by increasing the Value Per Visit (VPV) by as much as 1000% or higher in some instances.

What is SMRTKey™ ?

SMRTKey™ is an acronym for "Strategic Marketing Response Token Key™". The SMRTKey™ is the only technology on the market today that can transform your marketplace into lifelong loyal buyers, no matter what you sell or promote.

Benefits About the SMRTKey™

• Simply Scan and Go

• Instantly deliver fans your promotions

• Reinforces brand awareness

• Attract new consumers, Direct-2-Fan engagement,

• Increase traffic and profits

• Memorializing attendance at an event

• Custom contract to your specific needs

• Enterprise Saas Scalable Blockchain Solution

Introducing the EVNTx™ Solution

NFT EVENT Ticket Solution
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